Probably the best industrial kitchen in the country

Super Serv unveiled it’s central kitchen   at MAS Fabric Park in Thulhiriya, in August last year. It is a joint collaboration between MAS Athena and Sisila Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

This one of a kind central kitchen is designed with basic lean concepts in place minimising all possible forms of waste and resulting in vast improvements in food service processes. It has helped to cut down on excessive inventory, transportation, unnecessary motion of people, etc.

The soul objective of this central kitchen is to provide food services to many customers who are based inside the industrial zone in Thulhiriya. It is designed and equipped to provide between 8,000-10,000 meals for a day. Currently it caters to MAS Methliya and Matrix factories providing over 5,000 meals daily. 

We start each day handling the freshest, most beautiful ingredients sourced from different parts of the country and transforms it into a deliciously inspired meal which is then served to the workforce of our valued customers.

The Kitchen also has its own little cafe which is called ‘Cafe Super Serv’ serving a wide range of food varieties.